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Ellie Griffinger

Co-Founder, Certified Nurse Midwife


My path to midwifery has always been guided by a strong belief and vision for supporting mothers and families in a holistic way. Compassion, informed choice, and strong, trusting relationships are at the center of excellent maternity care. When we listen to, nurture, and help empower mothers and their partners, the positive effects go far beyond pregnancy and birth. In being a private practice midwife at Golden Oak, I love that I have the opportunity to make such a positive difference everyday. For me, this is what this practice and my work are all about.


While completing my RN and and Master’s degrees (WHNP/CNM) at University of Pennsylvania, I worked with teen mothers and also gave birth to our first son into the hands of midwives at a birth center outside of Philadelphia. As you might imagine, both experiences–-though quite different–-further cemented my belief that all people deserve safe, trusting relationships with their maternity care providers. And I knew that helping empower women to have agency throughout their pregnancy and birth experience was how I was meant to spend my life.


Upon graduation, we moved back to the Bay Area where I was born and raised. Now expecting our second child, I was committed once again to finding great midwifery care in the East Bay, and I did–-our second son was born into the hands of a midwife at Alta Bates whom I knew and trusted. Along with his birth, came the birth of my solo midwifery practice at Alta Bates, which grew steadily for four years. 

In 2016, In order to better serve the community (and find a bit of work/family balance!) Gwen and I joined forces and co-founded Golden Oak Midwives with a mutual commitment to offer the very best of midwifery care in a hospital setting. Soon after (in keeping with my apparent trend to birth both my children and my career vision at once!) I gave birth to our daughter at Alta Bates. For this birth, I was surrounded by some of the most exceptional birth workers I know and with whom I continue to work on a daily basis. Every day, I get to realize my original vision of helping to empower mothers, support informed choice,  and build trusting relationships. These are the foundation of Golden Oak and I’m so grateful to be on this path. 


During whatever down time we have, my husband Matt, the kids, and Leo the lab, squeeze in trips north to the Redwoods, the Sierras, out to Stinson, a new trail in the East Bay hills, or just hang out on the deck while Matt kicks up some great meals with friends and family!




Certified Nurse Midwife, 2011


Masters Degree in Nursing, 2011


Bachelors Degree in Nursing, 2007


Bachelors Degree in Art History, 2002

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