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Kaitlin Murphy-Burger 




From a young age, Kaitlin has held a deep passion for working with mothers and babies. Raised by a cooperative preschool director, she was immersed in an environment where families collaborated and supported one another. Kaitlin's journey in the field began in 2001 when she started working as a labor and delivery as well as a maternity nurse. Building on her expertise, she later pursued a career as an IBCLC offering valuable lactation assistance in hospitals and pediatric clinics, where she still works full-time.


In 2016, Kaitlin established her own private practice, Babykind Lactation, offering home visits upon request. With a blended family of five children, Kaitlin's personal experiences have further enriched her understanding of the complexities of parenthood. Proudly Oakland born & raised, she cherishes spending quality time with her teenage and young adult children, tending to her garden, exploring nature through hikes, cooking, and creating memories with her loved ones and friends.


Kaitlin leads Golden Oak’s 4th Trimester Support Groups and hosts the “Real Talk On Breastfeeding and Babies” panel workshop. 


Kaitlin can be contacted at:

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