Golden Oak Midwives
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Testimonials - (Blog)

Jake W.

My wife and I are first-time parents. In preparing for the delivery, we wanted to find a provider that would guide us through this important and challenging transition in our lives. We wanted someone that would help us prepare emotionally, physically and mentally. We searched and searched and when we finally met Ellie, we knew she was exactly the provider we were looking for.

My wife’s labor lasted almost 40 hours, involved multiple complications, including a near-emergency C-section when the baby's heart rate plummeted to a dangerously low level. Through it ALL, Ellie was right by our side, offering a perfect blend of compassionate care with a pragmatic medical insight. She was a tenacious advocate for us as new parents and throughout the experience of bringing a life to this earth.

Ellie was clearly respected by her peers in the Labor & Delivery department at the hospital and worked tirelessly to consult with her backup doctors, valuing their opinions, insight and expertise to blending it all into a stellar birth experience for us with the absolute highest level of care. Because of her, we had prepared a strong support system of people to be there during the delivery that proved to be absolutely essential during the complications that arose. Without her guidance and preparation, the difficulty we experienced would have been significantly more challenging to handle. It is clear to us that being a midwife is her life's work and the passion she exhibits is clear even through hour 40 of a difficult labor and delivery.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for an incredibly enriching pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience to reach out to Ellie. I come from a family of MD’s and had no idea about the incredible field of midwifery - its rigorous training, compassionate mission and all-encompassing care and I am 100% converted to the profession. She earned our trust and partnered with us both in this incredible experience which we will cherish forever.