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Quality Care Every Step of the Journey

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Golden Oak’s lactation clinic is led by Alexis Kihn-Harrington, an experienced labor and delivery registered nurse at Alta Bates and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Alexis is passionate about helping new parents establish successful breastfeeding/chestfeeding relationships with their babies.

At our clinic, Alexis will provide one-on-one support and guidance to help you overcome any breastfeeding challenges you may face. Alexis provides a home health visit to all GO parents within their first week postpartum. By continuing to see Alexis for lactation support, you'll receive the continuity of care that ensures clear and consistent advice and information. 

Alexis is in the office Tuesdays from 9 am to 1 pm, with a discounted fee of $100 for Golden Oak patients and $150 for the greater community. You can see her for any of your lactation needs including prenatal consultation, latch and supply issues, pumping and everything in between. Whether you're a first-time parent or have breastfed before, we aim to help you have a positive and fulfilling breastfeeding/chestfeeding experience with expert guidance and support tailored to your unique needs.


Your Pregnancy

  • 30-60 minute comprehensive prenatal visits

  • We order all labs, ultrasounds, and other tests, and help you understand their results.

  • 3-one hour birth planning visits

  • Classes & events included with your care

  • Referrals to trusted perinatal practitioners (doulas, PTs, acupuncturists, body workers, therapists, etc.)

  • Referrals and collaboration with physicians as needed

  • 24/7 access to your midwives

Your Birth

  • Your baby will be born at Alta Bates, in Berkeley

  • Golden Oak Midwives are your primary care providers throughout your hospital stay. We admit you and discharge you home. 

  • In the active stages of labor, we never leave your side

  • We protect and support your unique birth process--whether laboring in water, exploring pain management, or pushing in a position you choose. 

  • We promote physiological birth

  • All decisions are made collaboratively and rooted in informed choice and evidence based practice. 

Your Postpartum

  • Our support doesn't end after the birth of your baby!

  • GO Midwives visit you each day while at the hospital

  • We offer 24/7 support for 6 weeks after your birth

  • Home visit with a Registered Nurse during the first week postpartum

  • 2 and 6-week comprehensive postpartum visits

  • Weekly Lactation Clinic at GO

  • Postpartum support groups


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)?
    We are Primary Care Providers for women across a lifespan with an emphasis on the child bearing years. CNMs are licensed to write hospital orders, prescribe medication, and make lab and ultrasound referrals. Golden Oak CNMs are autonomous providers that offer full scope care to people who are pregnant. We admit clients to the hospital and oversee the plan during labor and birth. We “catch your baby”! We also extend our services through the postpartum period. We are a “one stop shop”. Certified Nurse Midwives are highly trained and skilled at addressing the medical aspects of maternity care. Our model of care is equally dedicated to caring for the 'whole person' during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We focus on overall wellness and utilize an integrative, personalized, and educational approach to care.
  • As a Golden Oak client, will I also see an OB/Gyn ?
    This is not typical. Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) at Golden Oak are primary care providers. CNMs are licensed to write hospital orders, prescribe medication and make lab and ultrasound referrals. The midwives at Golden Oak provide complete prenatal care, attend births and care for clients through the postpartum period. If a complication arises, Golden Oak’s midwifery team will work in collaboration with physicians they trust. We are a hospital-based midwifery practice with an excellent relationship with staff and leadership at Alta Bates Hospital. We have 24/7 back up with physicians should your prenatal care or labor benefit from additional expertise.
  • What is the process of signing up with Golden Oak?
    First, sign up for a consultation!. This is an hour long presentation hosted by the midwives. We discuss our approach to care, services provided, scope of practice, and our education program. If it feels like a good fit, sign up! It’s that easy. If you are transferring from another provider group, we make the transition feel seamless.
  • What is your approach to working with Doulas?
    Golden Oak enthusiastically encourages you to work with a doula. We believe that doulas are integral to improving birth outcomes and people's overall satisfaction with their births. Once you sign up, you will have access to our resource page that offers many doula recommendations.
  • Does it cost to join Golden Oak?
    Part of the cost of Golden Oak’s care is paid by your insurance carrier and part by you. We take care of all the billing so you don’t have to. We review the fee structure at our consultation.
  • How long are my visits with you and who may join me?
    The length of your visits are 30-60 minutes. Our first visit together is 1 hour long so we can start getting to know each other more comprehensively. Most of your 2nd trimester visits (12 weeks - 28 weeks) will be 30 minutes. Toward the end of your pregnancy, several of your appointments will again be 1 hour long as we begin preparing for your birth and postpartum period. Partners are strongly encouraged to attend as many visits as possible. The structure of prenatal visits include a clinical assessment of you and your baby (heart tones, growth changes, nutrition, etc). We also set aside ample time for your questions and concerns. We review labs and provide anticipatory guidance for what to expect during each upcoming stage of your pregnancy. Once you enter your 3rd trimester, several visits are focused on preparing for birth. One of the hour-long visits will be a "team meeting" with your birth support people--partner, doula, sister, etc. The other hour-long visits focus on your birth hopes; optimizing fetal positioning’ and planning for your postpartum time. We are available to you in between visits via email (or phone if appropriate). We always respond promptly and thoroughly.
  • Is Golden Oak able to order the labs and/or testing I'll need during the rest of my pregnancy?
    Yes! Certified Nurse Midwives are able to order all labs, ultrasounds, and/or genetic screening tests. We'll be the ones to interpret results and help you understand them. Ultrasounds reports will come to us directly. We are able to write prescriptions and make referrals to other medical providers as needed. Once you are under our care we serve as the primary provider for all of your pregnancy needs.
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