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EDU Series: Postpartum Nutrition Class with Amy Griffith

A class with Amy Griffith, Nutritionist and Postpartum Doula in training

  • We will discuss how to nourish you and your family through the postpartum adjustment period, keeping blood sugar levels steady, mood supported and nourishment heightened, so you can be present for your baby. Your nourishment to heal in turn nourishes others. Your self-care comes alongside your care for your baby; one doesn’t come before the other. And, you will learn that healthy fat is your best friend.

  •  You will receive healthful and delicious meal, snack, sweets and drink ideas, specific recommendations around what nutrients to focus on for healing that really matter and what caloric intake should look like, whether you are breastfeeding or not. In addition, you will learn more basic and big picture tools to make it all work for you, accommodating what you love to eat.


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